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JONAH: a commentary (paperback)


JONAH: a commentary

Item #6 of the Jonah Project (a 7-part kit)


     JONAH, is item #6 in the Jonah Project kit. Selected for the Jonah Project, which is a single-minded curriculum to teach you how to read the book of Jonah in the original Hebrew. Teachers, homeschoolers, and youth pastors can start this program with no prior knowledge of Hebrew.

The English translation is on the left side of the page and the Hebrew version is on the right side of the page. The commentary below explains each verse, and the use of the Hebrew words.

     A complete 4-page curriculum (or schedule) is free with each purchase, providing simple instructions, showing how to use each item, in what order, on what day, and for how long.




* All Hebrew words used in this book are taken from the book of Jonah.

* Designed to work with the Jonah Project Kit: 7 items. 1) One Bookmark with Hebrew alphabet. 2) Over 35 Hebrew Alphabet Flash Cards. 3) One Book / SEMETIC TALES: bed-time stories for Christians. 4) One Book / LETTERS: the meaning behind the Hebrew alphabet. 5) Over 100 Hebrew Word Flash Cards from the book of Jonah. 6) One Book / JONAH: a commentary. 7) One USB audio / Reading of the book of Jonah in the original Hebrew.

* All books are designed to be used in two ways: 1) Read and enjoyed by the student—without a teacher. 2) Taught from by an instructor, who can use sections as a daily classroom lesson (because, ultimately, a student needs a teacher).

* Designed for Christian parents looking for curriculum to develop leadership skills for Christian highschool students.


Christian Studies / Homeschool / Foreign Language

JONAH: a commentary

Item #6 of the Jonah Project kit (a 7-item kit)

approx. 31,000 words

6” x 9” x 1” at .75 lbs.

ISBN: 979-8-9876254-4-6

LCCN: pending

$37.95 paperback + Shipping and Handling (according to region)



JONAH: a commentary (paperback)

SKU: 979-8-9876254-4-6
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