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EDWARD R. MURROW (24 x 36)


     Edward R. Murrow was the forerunner of modern-day journalism. As one of the most respected figures in journalism, he helped to set the format, standards, and ethics of journalism.

     Of course religious journalists live by higher standards, but modern journalism sprang from Edward R. Murrow. He was born to Quaker parents. Many have forgotten his biblically-based mottos: “To be credible we must be truthful.” or “A nation of sheep will soon have a government of wolves.”

     Inspire your class before the first lesson begins. This bold visual stirs inner thoughts, that turn into questions, that creates a hunger for learning.

     Great school poster for high school journalism.



* Vintage 24” x 36” high school poster. Suitable for framing.

* Edward R. Murrow, presented with his signature.

* Designed to elicit questions from teens and fellow homeschooling parents.

* Let your teens live with the image until they finish Project Journalism.

* Encourages teens to stop complaining about news and broadcast their own.

* Designed for Christian parents looking for curriculum to develop leadership skills for Christian highschool students.

Education Poster / Teen Poster / Homeschool Poster
Image Size: 24” x 36”
Paper: plain matte finish
UPC: 0719833931598
Price: $29.99 + taxes & shipping

EDWARD R. MURROW (24 x 36)

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