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ESTHER (pre-order)

Available for Pre-Order. Esther will ship after 2024. By pre-ordering, you will receive your book one week prior to the official launch day, on other platforms.


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ESTHER: the book for earth people

Item #1 of The Hidden Series (a 5-part series)


     ESTHER helps those who were not called to the Jerusalem Above, but must face the tribulation and survive the millennium. We need to know God’s mind before we meet God’s enemies. Will God’s earthly citizens get it wrong? Of course. Re 20:7-8 tells us that, 1,000 years after The Armageddon event, the unrighteous would number “as the sand of the sea.” So, let us not pretend that “paradise” will be full of peaceful citizens with the love of Jesus in their hearts.

     We are fresh characters in an ancient drama. ESTHER tells good people how to recognize and deal with contemporary corruption. ESTHER teaches us how to remain loyal to God, yet dialogue respectfully with His compromised (and often stupid) earthly leadership.



     Christian parents are constantly searching for study material for their Christian highschool students. This is "that" package that develops leadership skills while changing hearts.

     In the words of Martin Luther: “I wish this was never written.” He said, of the book of ESTHER. And why not? We are left to wonder why, since the call had already been made for Jews to return to Israel, why was Esther and Mordecai still in Persia? Was it okay for Esther to marry a gentile? Why tell a story about Jews who live outside of Israel? What is Esther’s relationship to God? What is Haman’s relationship to Esther? If God’s kingdom reigns invisibly from heaven, how do the earthly administrators get their information? Without doubting the certainty of God’s government, how can we tell when it’s earthly citizens get their information wrong?

Religion / Persecution / Bible Code
ESTHER: the book for earth people

Item #1 of the Hidden Series (a 5-part series)

approx. 154 pgs, 37,000 words

5.25” x 8” x 1” at 1 lb.

ISBN: 979-8-9876254-6-0

LCCN: pending
$24.92 paperback + Shipping and Handling (according to region)


ESTHER (pre-order)

SKU: 979-8-9876254-6-0
expected release in 2024
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