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FLASHCARDS Hebrew words

FLASHCARDS Hebrew words (from the book of Jonah), (Item #5 in Jonah Kit)

$57.95 + Shipping and Handling (according to region)



     Hebrew word flashcards . . . words from the book of Jonah. Every item in the Jonah Kit moves the student in one direction: toward reading the book of Jonah in the original Hebrew. Every child is familiar with the Jonah story, so starting begins without resistance, rather, the student is drawn out by their curiosity. The book of Jonah is one of the shortest books in the Bible. It’s not controversial, complicated, or boring. The Jonah Kit leads with that small step that won’t frighten or intimidate your student by sticking with the smallest steps that produces the biggest results.

     Our method is best described as: accidental Hebrew for Christians, because most of the mental exercises are about stretching the boundaries of learning. Follow the steps and reading Hebrew simply happens. Isn’t that how young children in Israel learn to speak Hebrew? No one forces them. Hebrew is the holy language. You’re hardwired for it. Hebrew (unlike other languages) just makes sense.

     The Jonah Kit was inspired by the natural desire for play: Memorization: students test each other by guessing 100 Hebrew words from the book of Jonah. Peer reinforcement almost eliminates the need for adult supervision. Tacticle: students entertain each other by playing flashcard games. The question is on the front of the card, with the answer on the back side. Winner keeps the cards answered correctly, the tester (fellow student) keeps all the cards answered incorrectly. Who has the most cards? All cards are thermographed (raised lettering), thus contributing to the “tactile” experience. Passive Learning: The student can, at their leisure, compare the words on cards to the actual Jonah text (location of words is located on lower left corner of each card). Without realizing, the student is learning Hebrew subliminally. Personal Interaction: Children need human interaction. That explains why computer-driven lessons fail. A human teacher affirms, guides, and discusses every word in the book of Jonah.

     A complete 4-page curriculum (or schedule) is enclosed in every box. Simple instructions, discussing how to use each item, in what order, on what day, and for how long. REQUIRES NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF THE HEBREW LANGUAGE.



* Over 100 Hebrew words (including some necessary root words) taken from one of the shortest books in the Bible—Jonah

* Hebrew word is on the front side of the card. On the back side the teacher has four vital answers: 1) Upper left corner has the Strong’s Number for more detailed examination (if teacher deems it important). 2) Upper right corner has the Hebrew pronunciation (using English spelling and vowels). 3) The center has the English translation of the Hebrew word. 4) Lower left corner has the locations of the word in the book of Jonah.

* All flashcards are designed specifically for the Jonah Project, which introduces students to the Hebrew found in the book of Jonah.

* All flashcards convert into a classroom game (who needs a teacher!).

* All flashcards are designed to be used in two ways: 1) Read and enjoyed by the student—without a teacher. 2) Taught with an instructor, who can use cards as a daily classroom lesson (because, ultimately, a student needs a teacher).

* Designed for Christian parents looking for curriculum to develop leadership skills for Christian highschool students.



FLASHCARDS Hebrew words (from the book of Jonah), (Item #5 in Jonah Kit)

Specifications: Over 100 cards (3-1/2 x 2 inches, black and white, printed both sides).

UPC: 719833838062

$57.95 + Shipping and Handling (according to region)


FLASHCARDS Hebrew words

SKU: 719833838062
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