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Bookmark with Hebrew alphabet on back. A tool for memorizing and testing the memorization of others. Use it to mark your place in the book of Jonah.



     The Hebrew alphabet bookmark is item #1 in the Jonah Project, a curriculum to teach students how to read the book of Jonah in the original Hebrew.

     There are only 22 Hebrew letters. It's easy to memorize 22 letters. As an independent activity, students can test each other. One will hold the bookmark to monitor the accuracy of a fellow student's recitation.

     This bookmark is one component in a carefully designed education strategy. Memorization: students listen to native Hebrews reading from the book of Jonah. A set of headphones nearly eliminates the need for adult supervision. Tacticle: students test each other by repeating the audio (divided into four chapters for ease of use). Passive Learning: The student can, at their leisure, compare their reading to a native Hebrew reading. Without realizing, the student is learning Hebrew subliminally. Personal Interaction: Children need human interaction. That explains why computer-driven lessons fail. A human teacher can listen as the student reads, affirming, guiding, and discussing as necessary.

     Complete 4-page curriculum is enclosed with every bookmark. Simple instructions, discussing how to use each item and requires no prior knowledge of the Hebrew language.



* All Hebrew letters on this bookmark will be used the book of Jonah.

* Designed to work with the Jonah Project Kit: 7 items. 1) One Bookmark with Hebrew alphabet. 2) Over 35 Hebrew Alphabet Flash Cards. 3) One Book / SEMETIC TALES: bed-time stories for Christians. 4) One Book / LETTERS: the meaning behind the Hebrew alphabet. 5) Over 100 Hebrew Word Flash Cards from the book of Jonah. 6) One Book / JONAH: a commentary. 7) One USB audio / Reading of the book of Jonah in the original Hebrew.

* All books are designed to be used in two ways: 1) Read and enjoyed by the student—without a teacher. 2) Taught from by an instructor, who can use sections as a daily classroom lesson (because, ultimately, a student needs a teacher).

* Designed for Christian parents looking for curriculum to develop leadership skills for Christian highschool students.


Education / Foreign Language / Indoor Activities

Hebrew alphabet Bookmark (Item #1 in Jonah Kit)

Specifications: One bookmark on 50lb stock, with Hebrew Alphabet printed on one side.

UPC: 719833838048

$9.95 + Shipping and Handling (according to region)



SKU: 719833838048
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