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     Wall art of ancient Hebrew scribe, faithfully reporting to the nation. Vertical orientation.
     God commissioned prophets to prophecy, but quite often they used a scribe to document the prophet’s words.
     That message is presented artfully on this poster. Hang this as art and wait for the inevitable question: What does it mean? Tell them: You should take my Journalism class and find out.
     The study of words; the study of helping the uninformed; the study of public reaction, will give you a peek into the very personality of Yahweh. He can’t hide from us. His personality shines through every Hebrew letter, on every page. Sometimes we forget that God is a person, but He is. Not a fleshly person, but a person, nonetheless.
     From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is all about family. Family is the theme of the Bible. As Tigay states, “Deuteronomy emphasizes that the bond between God and Israel is not merely legal, but spiritual, and emotional as well. It conceives of a relationship so intense that it can only be described in terms normally used to describe romantic love: God was ‘drawn in His love for Israel’s ancestors’ (De 10:15) and Israel is to ‘hold fast’ to Him (De 4:4; 10:20; 11:22).”
     Israel was supposed to be one family. They were expected to stick together, whether in exile or at home. No deserters or pious arm-folders were permitted. A high school student equipped with the good news might help save God’s children beyond their neighborhood. The power of the pen is indeed persuasive.

* Makes a great graduation gift. Suitable for framing.
* Makes a great classroom poster. Suitable for framing.
* Makes a great poster for a teen’s room. Suitable for framing.
* Designed to elicit questions from your guests.
* All your guests will leave with a question that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.
* Restores your appreciation for love, and all the obligations that come with it.

* Designed for Christian parents looking for curriculum to develop leadership skills for Christian highschool students.

Education Poster / Teen Poster / Homeschool Poster
Image Size: 36” x 24”
Paper: plain matte finish
UPC: 0719833931343
Price: $29.99 + taxes & shipping


SKU: 63EA30C514DC0_2
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