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LAMENTATIONS: how narcissistic leaders torment church and family

Item #5 of The Hidden Series (a 5-part series)


Our prayers are often set in a minor-key, but nothing on the scale of Lamentations. Disintegrated relationships begin with a few discordant words, out of harmony with our partner’s heart, but nothing on the scale of Lamentations.


Jehovah has had a rough 6,000 years. All His attempts at bridgebuilding were exhausted long before Lamentations was written. The proof is found in the pages of Jeremiah. “Hold back your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears.” –Jer 31:16


Broken hearts will always be with us. It’s the way of things. We’re pained when the boundaries we pushed, collapse. They collapse on others, and finally on ourselves. The proof of growth is not how many tears we shed, but how we behave after our tears dry. (Ac 3:19-21)


The comedian, Woody Allen, once boasted that he took a speed reading class, then read Tolstoy’s War and Peace in 45 minutes. “It was about Russia” he quipped. This summarizes our generation. Few appreciate the wealth of holy text?

Plato hung a sign on the door outside his classroom: “Let no one ignorant of geometry enter.” Not everyone is ready for advanced learning. Such people should not be mocked. However, they should not be allowed in this classroom of deep thinkers.


We wouldn’t teach children Festinger’s A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance. We wouldn’t teach children Jehovah’s Lamentations. But, we would teach advanced disciples of Jesus who are hungry for more . . . even if it means investing more than 45 minutes.


We humans break things, don’t keep promises, form chaotic attachments, entertain unhealthy cravings, and are terrible at delayed gratification. Sometimes we humans get bored and start problems in other people’s relationships, our own relationships, and sometimes both.


We’ve hurt the God of the universe. If anyone deserves a shot at happiness, it’s Jehovah. As a matter of simple family loyalty, we need to gather around Him and give Him our hug of support.



The narcissist never enters your life with evil intentions. Chances are, you truly impressed your narcissist—still impress them. They were probably hoping your mere presence would liberate them from their fear of exposure. In some sense, we’re all wounded and don’t know how to ask for help. This book provides the vocabulary to ensure both parties get that help.


You probably walked into the relationship with the same hopes as your narcissist. That is: you hoped they would lift some burden that you could not. Their dominating personality probably made them appear capable—an expert! Unfortunately, a narcissist is riddled with insecurity, and needs the universe to revolve around them—both in marriage and career.

Church Management / Family Counseling / Christian Studies
LAMENTATIONS: how narcissistic leaders torment church and family

Item #5 of the Hidden Series (a 5-part series)

approx. 207 pgs, approx. 56,000 words

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