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RUTH (e-book)

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RUTH: a woman’s guide to husband material

Item #2 of The Hidden Series (a 5-part series)


     RUTH delivers fresh, previously undiscovered, insights on every page, by means of Bible codes, numerical patterns, scribal irregularities, and informative letter-by-letter translations. RUTH is a Christian’s key to Hebrew perspectives that unlock the subtitle’s promise: a woman’s guide to husband material.

     Very few know the lonely part of waiting, the way our God does. He lost His family in the Bible’s first book and struggled through 66 books until He got them back in the last book.

     That lonely fact caused God to notice our struggling widow, Ruth. Our Earth is a wasteland of broken things and broken people. Handymen with calloused dirty hands are kings in this wasteland of entropy. Handymen know things need fixin’ and they know people need fixin’.

     A woman deserves a good husband. Modern methods to assess a good one, however, veers far from biblical methods. Maybe it’s time to return to the traditional methods, so a woman can enjoy complete fulfillment—the way God wants complete fulfillment for all His daughters.



     Christian parents are constantly searching for study material for their Christian highschool students. This is "that" package that develops leadership skills while changing hearts.

     RUTH is made to order for Christian women’s book clubs; mature Christians who are beyond the milk of truth; Christians seeking proofs that Jesus is the Messiah; the adventurous who want to know more about Bible codes; and grief support groups.

     RUTH begins with three widows facing their futures from three different mindsets, but unlike the other two, Ruth’s decisions will win her a connection to our Messiah.

Religion / Relationships / Bible Code

RUTH: a woman’s guide to husband material

Item #2 of The Hidden Series (a 5-part series)

approx. 154 pgs, 37,000 word

LCCN: pending

UPC: 746092559261

$19.99 e-book download, in PDF format at 1.5 MB


RUTH (e-book)

SKU: 746092559261
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