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RUTH (read in Hebrew)


Spoken Word, audio Bible, Hebrew


     Ruth, read in the original Hebrew. Although we would never claim that a simple mis-pronunciation, or a pronunciation that varies from today’s Jewish tradition undermines your standing before God. We do think, however, a pronunciation-standard helps to set a lane. Much the same as Palmer’s Handwriting standard helps to define a lane for English handwriting.

     This audio delivers that standard, along with the rich nuances and shades of the original Hebrew. No working knowledge of Hebrew is required—just a desire to know more about how Hebrew-speakers are pronouncing these same words.

     Perfect for learning pronunciations within the book of Ruth. Perfect for subliminal learning. Perfect for meditation, awake or during sleep. Perfect for gift-giving. It’s benefits are maximized when combined with Michael Ben Zehabe’s companion books (written in English).


Downloading this Zip File will give you audio files for the complete book of Ruth, all 4 chapters, delivered on 5 tracks (the final track contains a brief signing off—no reading of Ruth)


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RUTH (read in Hebrew)

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