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SONG of SONGS (read in Hebrew)


Spoken Word, audio Bible, Hebrew


     Song of Songs, read in the original Hebrew. Although we would never claim that a simple mis-pronunciation, or a pronunciation that varies from today’s Jewish tradition undermines your standing before God. We do think, however, a pronunciation-standard helps to set a lane. Much the same as Palmer’s Handwriting standard helps to define a lane for English handwriting.

     This audio delivers that standard, along with the rich nuances and shades of the original Hebrew. No working knowledge of Hebrew is required—just a desire to know more about how Hebrew-speakers are pronouncing these same words.

     Perfect for learning pronunciations within the book of Song of Songs. Perfect for subliminal learning. Perfect for meditation, awake or during sleep. Perfect for gift-giving. It’s benefits are maximized when combined with Michael Ben Zehabe’s companion books (written in English).


Downloading this Zip File will give you audio files for the complete book of Song of Songs, all 8 chapters, delivered on 9 tracks (the final track contains a brief signing off—no reading of Song of Songs)


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SONG of SONGS (read in Hebrew)

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