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Michael Ben Zehabe
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Ben Zehabe

YA Fiction / Christian Non-Fiction / Homeschool 

Religious Journalism / Biblical Language: Hebrew

Michael Ben Zehabe

TEACH JOURNALISTIC CRITICAL THINKING: We live in a time when science isn’t very scientific, journalism isn’t very inquisitive, and religion isn’t very religious. Living on a foundation of solid points of authority will make you courageous. Knowing how to document your theories is a key to independent thought. Courage is a by-product of solid research.

     A clever person can memorize an answer, but knowing why, that's your advantage. Our book, Sunday News, provides 36 presentations designed to be provocative, inspiring an interest in math, science, history, and logic.

     These highly debatable stories will sharpen the mind of tomorrow’s most clever journalists. This journalism course is not about punctuation, not about vocabulary, but focuses on critical thinking and concentrates on proper citation.

     “Show me your proof!” is what professors will demand from college students.


TEACH INTRODUCTION HEBREW: The book of Jonah is one of the shortest books in the Bible. It’s not controversial, complicated, or boring. Every item in the Jonah Kit moves the student in one direction: toward reading the book of Jonah in the original Hebrew. There are about 100 unique Hebrew words in the book of Jonah—anyone can memorize 100 words.

     The Jonah Kit was inspired by the natural desire for play: Memorization: students quiz each other by repeating the 22 Hebrew letter alphabet (by using the alphabet bookmark). Peer reinforcement almost eliminates the need for adult supervision. Tacticle: students entertain each other by playing flashcard games. The question is on the front of the card, with the answer on the back side. Winner keeps the cards answered correctly, the tester (fellow student) keeps all the cards answered incorrectly. Who has the most cards?

     A complete 4-page curriculum (or schedule) is enclosed in every box. Simple instructions, discussing how to use each item, in what order, on what day, and for how long. REQUIRES NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF THE HEBREW LANGUAGE.

Michael Ben Zehabe | Author | Translator | Homeschooler
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